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Producer/ Topliner/ Songwriter/ Artist

WAVEBOY is an extremely driven creator, passionate artist and songwriter. In the studio, his melody and groove writing skills combined with a fun-loving attitude make him a joy to work with. He has a knack for writing catchy lyrics and melodies that fit a variety of genres and styles.

WAVEBOY has co-written and co-produced several popular and memorable hit songs for some of the biggest names in Asian pop music, such as Jackson Yee, Hua Chenyu, and JYPE's Yao Chen of R1SE fame.

WAVEBOY’s songs have generated more than 1 Billion streams on various platforms, with some of his most streamed songs being “Fearless”(Chinese: 无畏清扬) by Jackson Yee (over 200 million streams), “For Forever” by Hua Chenyu (over 900 million streams), and “We Belong Tonight” by Yao Chen feat. RAVE REPUBLIC (over 10 million streams). His music has been praised for its originality and quality and reflects his deep connection and understanding with the East Asian pop, global pop, and electronic music scenes. In 2017 WAVEBOY collaborated with Japanese artist and producer KOSEN on the Space Shower Music single "The Greatest Thing".

Born in San Diego, California, WAVEBOY ‘s songwriting style takes inspiration from pre-edm pop, R&B, funk, 80s house, as well as 90s and Y2K musical eras. He has also released his own original tracks such as “Bounce” and "The Fox's Treasure" which showcase his clean-cut vocals and hypnotic pop riffs.

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