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WAVEBOY releases first Chinese-language Single "The Fox's Treasure"

On September 29, WAVEBOY's first Chinese single "the Fox's Treasure"(Chinese:狐狸的宝藏) was released on domestic DSPs.

This single marks the first collaboration between WAVEBOY and Tik Tok China's 'Original Music' team of Tik Tok Music China after participating in Tik Tok China's "Search of Voice Project."

This retro pop song, which is sure to keep you playing on repeat, was produced by well-known electronic music musician Chen Yu, also known as Lona.

Previously, WAVEBOY released the EP, "The Greatest Thing" in collaboration with musician and artist KOSEN, via SPACE SHOWER MUSIC Japan, which achieved dazzling results.

The "Fox's Treasure" which comes out today is also treasure that many fans at home and abroad are looking forward to.

The prelude presents a nostalgic and charming tune, like the moving wind of early autumn, and it is very touching and heart-wrenching. The melody is keeps retro undertones hidden under a bubblegum pop facade, much attention to detail is given to the production, and the rhythm is brisk and bright.

WAVEBOY brought fans a splendid auditory feast with his with his unique voice, and conveyed a playful journey through the song.

On February 9th this year, Universal Music Copyright Group (UMPG China) announced on social media that it signed an exclusive global administration agreement with WAVEBOY. As a singer-songwriter, WAVEBOY previous wrote the lyrics for Chinese pop superstar Hua Chenyu's international single "For Forever".

On the same day, after the single was released, netizens and fans frantically left messages on various platforms asking 'what is mojina?' However, there is not word yet from WAVEBOY's team. According to the media reports, WAVEBOY may perform this song during live performances, so let's wait to find the treasure of the fox with WAVEBOY, and unlock the secret of mojina together!

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